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Analysts Inc. | Oil AnalysisAnalysts, Inc.’s oil analysis labs test and identify trends in wear and contamination and pinpoint changes in the physical properties of lubricants used in both industrial and heavy duty applications. From engine oil analysis to analytical ferrography, companies around the world depend on us to deliver quality results and maintenance recommendations.

Spectrochemical Analysis is the cornerstone of our oil analysis services. It detects 21 metallic elements that can identify wear metals, wear corrosion, dirt contamination and oil and coolant additives.

Physical properties are routinely monitored by testing Viscosity, Acid and Base Numbers, Water Content, Soot and Fuel Dilution. More advanced testing through Particle Count Analysis determines a lubricant’s cleanliness level. Analytical Ferrography identifies types of wear occurring and the RPVOT predicts the fluid’s remaining useful life.

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